I assembled this Bald cypress forest a couple of years ago. It’s done all right, but it’s also had its challenges. I’ve neglected this planting in favor of other bonsai, but this year I decided it was time to bring it back to “life.”

All but one of the trees in this group is still alive; the smallest trunk to the left succumbed last year. Also, the trunk to the right of that one suffered some dieback last year, and its growth is now very non-forest-like. So both of those need replacing.

The dead one is gone.

The non-conformer is gone.

I had extra seedlings I grew last year, so decided to make this a seven-tree forest again (that’s how it was originally designed).


The tallest trees have been trimmed back. My goal is to use grow-and-clip to the greatest extent I can.

A little more trimming of the tallest trees, followed by top-dressing of the soil.

Now I wait for everything to finish coming out, and we’ll see how the reforested forest grows this year.