bald cypress collecting trip #4 for 2021

Sneak Peek

Our goal this week was to collect some additional smaller cypresses. We had some good luck.

Bald Cypress Collecting Trip #4 for 2021

We went after some additional smaller specimens today, and we had great success. This one has a 3.5″ trunk and is chopped at 25″. Very nice start on an informal upright BC bonsai.

This one has a 2.5″ trunk and is chopped at 21.5″. We came home with three this exact same size.

Although this tree doesn’t fit the “smaller material” category – the base is 4.5″ – I couldn’t leave it behind. I chopped it at 22″, so it’s a chunkier speciment than most this size. Nice fluting.

Finally for today, this was my favorite. I sometimes find two trees growing together and they look like they want to be a bonsai together. I love the ratio of trunk sizes here. The larger one has a 3″ base and is chopped at 26″.

My plan, at least for now, is to hang onto this one to train. I think it’s going to make an outstanding bonsai in just a few years.

Let me know what you think. The BC we’ve collected this year could very well start budding in February, if we get a warm snap. Personally, I can’t wait for some warmer weather.