bald cypress collecting trip #3 for 2022

Sneak Peek

More specimens from this week’s trip.

Bald Cypress Collecting Trip #3 for 2022

It’s a given that I’ll have Bald cypresses budding out each year before just about everything else – Chinese elms usually being first. Because the BC’s I collect are mostly sourced south of where I am, they come with “memory” and bud at pretty much the same time their brothers still in the swamp do.

I mention this because most of the BC’s on my benches collected in years past are pushing buds. If we get a warm-up sometime in the next couple of weeks, which appears likely, these new specimens shouldn’t be far behind in signalling probable survival. It makes for an exciting time of year!

This is my favorite specimen from today’s haul. It’s not all that big – trunk 3.5″ measured 3.5″ above the soil, chopped at 20″ – but the buttress on it is “wicked.” This is going to make an outstanding BC bonsai.


Here’s the biggest one we brought home, with a trunk measuring 5″ and chopped at 26″. Very nice buttressing.

This is a 3″ specimen, measuring 24″ to the chop. I think it’s a legitimate formal upright to be. The fluting is very good, as you can see.

I always look for obvious flat-top material when I’m out hunting, and this specimen is just perfect for the style. The slender, graceful trunk has just the right amount of movement in it, and the base features radial surface roots that produce a stable and mature appearance.

One thing I really like about flat-top cypresses is that you can finish their development in just two seasons.

Let me know what you think of these specimens. I also run a “wish list,” so if you’re in the market for a nice BC (or other species) just shoot me an email.