bald cypress collecting trip #3 for 2021

Sneak Peek

This week’s catch featured a couple of big ones, though they weren’t quite as large as last week’s big ones; plus we got some smaller material as well.

Bald Cypress Collecting Trip #3 for 2021

Here’s another one of those big guys, though fortunately not quite as large as last week’s big ones. Check out the flutes and the basal flare. Really outstanding material.

One possible front.

I like this front a lot better. The trunk has some movement and the flutes are still nicely highlighted.

A third possibility. Also good, but I still like number 2 best.

Getting the tree in the tub called for adjusting the planting angle to accommodate the flaring roots. But hey, I think this potential front may just have as much going for it as the one above.

The base of the tree is 6.5″ across, and it’s chopped at 31″. You can’t ask for better large BC raw material than this.

We were lucky enough to find some smaller trees this time as well. This one, which has flat-top written all over it, is 3.5″ across just above the soil and stands 29″ at the chop.

Here’s another one with a 3.5″ trunk. Love the flutes and basal flare. I’m thinking of hanging onto this one for training. It stands 26″ to the chop, and will make a fine formal upright specimen.

Let me know what you think.