bald cypress collecting trip #2 for 2022

Sneak Peek

More specimens from this week’s trip.

Bald Cypress Collecting Trip #2 for 2022

The weather has taken a cold turn recently. Though we do alternate with moderate days, it seems that every weekend it turns cold again. As far as collecting trees is concerned, cold weather (I don’t mean bitterly cold freezing weather with frozen solid ground) is actually good. Down here it’s not at all uncommon for us to see fairly warm weather in February. Based on what I see in the forecast, that won’t be happening this year. I’m okay with that, as long as we don’t get freaky cold weather in March or April (which has been known to happen).

Here’s a nice specimen we brought home today. The base is 3.5″, which makes for a nice “statement” tree. Height is one of the key natural features of Bald cypress, giving the species much of its character. When you have great taper and a nice flaring fluted base, you’re just a set of branches away from a great bonsai.


This one’s a bit larger than the one above, with a base of 4″ (these basal measurements, incidentally, are taken above the soil meaning in this case 4″ above the soil). So the root spread is bigger.

The character of this one is outstanding.

Here’s another 4″ specimen. The flaring base is a great feature and will give an instant look of age.

This one is the most unusual for the day. What I spotted about it from a distance was the subtle fluting. For a BC this small, in this case with a 2.25″ trunk base, you just don’t find the beginnings of fluting that often.

When I got up close and started clearing around the trunk, I noticed the neat root coming off the side. And on that root is a “knee-like” bump. Very unsual for a BC this small. So this one is very special.

Let me know what you think of these bonsai to be.