Bald Cypress Bonsai for Sale

Here are some fine quality Bald Cypress bonsai and pre-bonsai specimens for sale.  Buy or reserve yours today.  Prices include standard shipping charges.

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Bald Cypress – Taxodium Distichum

A “Pecky Cypress” bonsai.  I collected this one in Winter 2016, not noticing that it had the telltale sign of Cypress weevil attack.  So it only came out low on the trunk.  I don’t toss out Cypresses that stay alive, especially when I know the trunk is alive all the way around.  This spring I stripped off the bark and was able to see the channels bored by the weevils.  This is what produces the famous “pecky cypress.”  So I went ahead and potted up the tree and wired a leader.  Once the leader is thick enough, it’ll be ready for training as a replacement trunk for this specimen.  Today (6/25/17) I treated the dead snag with lime sulfur.  It’ll turn white in a few days.  The next stage of my plan is to defoliate it this coming weekend, in order to encourage shoot formation low on the leader.

The trunk base on this specimen is 3″, and it’s 20″ to the tip of the snag.  Potted in a training pot (ceramic).

Age about 25 years.

Ships in late July.

Price: $195 (delivered)

Item # Cypressbonsai15



Bald Cypress – Taxodium Distichum

Collected in Winter 2017, this is a nice basic specimen with excellent trunk movement and taper.  It should make a fine classic “young-tree” style Bald cypress bonsai in just a couple of years.  Ready for its first wiring now.  The trunk base is 2″, and it’s 20″ to the chop.  Finished height should be about 26″.

Age about 15-20 years.

Ships in June.

Price: $125 (delivered)

Item # Cypress36pre






Bald Cypress – Taxodium Distichum

Collected on February 12th, here’s a really big Cypress for the serious artist.  The trunk measures 6″ across 6″ above the soil line, with the root spread around 12″ (once the buried roots are exposed); it’s chopped at 26″.  Great buttressing and fluting, awesome taper.  This one should be trained as a classic informal upright.

Age about 60 years.

Ships most likely in October, when the roots should be well-established.

Price: $725 (delivered)

Item # Cypress41pre


Bald Cypress – Taxodium Distichum

Collected on February 26th, this tree is now pushing buds.  Nice smaller specimen with a 2″ trunk, and 23″ to the chop.  Very nice trunk movement, character and taper.  I’d make a flat-top out of this one.

Age about 20 years.

Ships in June.

Price: $125 (delivered) (email if you’d like to pay a $50 deposit to hold this tree and I’ll invoice you)

Item # Cypress50pre









Bald Cypress – Taxodium Distichum

Collected on February 5th, this tree is now pushing buds.  Good trunk size, 3.5″ at the soil surface, and 22″ to the chop.  Graceful trunk, nice character, and subtle fluting.  Probably best suited to the informal upright style.

Age about 35 years.

Ships in June.

Price: $235 (delivered) (email if you’d like to pay a $60 deposit to hold this tree and I’ll invoice you)

Item # Cypress33pre










Bald Cypress – Taxodium Distichum

I collected this tree on February 16th.  It was starting to bud, so I left a couple of small branches on the tree so I could gauge the likelihood of the tree coming through the collecting process.  I’m happy to say the buds on these branches have continued to swell and are in the process of opening, so it’s almost a sure bet this tree is going to make it.

You can see from the photo that this BC has a great flaring buttressed base, and the taper is just outstanding.  The base measures 4″ across, when measured 4″ above the soil surface.  Bear in mind that I always bury my collected trees deep in order to protect the lateral roots.  This means the flaring roots continue on beneath the soil surface.  I’d estimate the nebari will measure about 9-10″ across once the tree has been raised for potting in a bonsai container.

I left this tree tall, namely 27″ to the chop, for a couple of reasons.  As I said, the taper is really outstanding – the trunk measures just 1.5″ across at the chop.  But this is one tree I think lends itself  well to a classic flat-top style, and the height is going to help make a great impression once the styling has been accomplished.  Don’t care for the flat-top style?  You could do a stately informal upright just as easily.

I’d estimate the age of this tree at about 40-50 years.

Ships when the root system is well-established, no later than September.

Price: $450 (delivered)

Item # Cypress42pre



Bald Cypress – Taxodium Distichum

A Specimen-Quality Bonsai for the Discriminating Collector

From a tree collected in 2013.  Great flaring buttressed base and surface roots, great taper, super bark, and this one features an interesting burl or “shoulder” on the major left-hand buttressing root.  I repotted the tree on 2/6/17 into this custom oval by Paul Katich.

The trunk base is 5″ in diameter just below the burl, and the height is 30″ to the tip of the apex.  I’d estimate the age at 40-60 years.  I am letting two leaders grow out wild in order to continue thickening the apex to make the tapering transition look better.  This should be completed next year.  In the meantime, they can be removed for display (and they’ll grow back).

If you’re looking for a Bald cypress bonsai that makes a definitive statement, this tree could easily become the centerpiece of your collection.  It’s a sizeable bonsai!

For those of you who haven’t yet grown BC, they are easy to care for and grow vigorously.  They put on at least three rounds of growth each year, and can be defoliated every July for a nice set of fall foliage.  Nice fall color too, especially if you live farther north than I do.

Ships in April.

Price: $1,295 (delivered)

Item # Cypressbonsai14






UPDATED PHOTO – growing some more!

Bald cypress – Taxodium distichum

This beautiful bald cypress was collected in January of 2015 and direct-potted into this fine Byron Myrick oval.  What’s remarkable about this specimen is the amazing root base.  The trunk diameter is 3″ 3″ above the soil surface, and you just don’t see BC with trunk bases less that 4+ inches sporting this kind of buttress.  This one is a rarity.

I began training this tree last year.  I made the angled, year two chop in Winter 2016 and cut back the new leader today along with removing a lot of new growth and wiring a couple of new branches.  This cypress is going to be a great informal upright specimen.  It should be showable in two years, three max.  Height to the tip of the new apex is 26″.  Should finish at 30″.

Ships in late June.

Price: $550

Item # Cypressbonsai7




UPDATED PHOTO – strong BC, ready for its first wiring!

Bald cypress – Taxodium distichum

Collected February 2016.  Trunk diameter 4″ 4″ above the soil surface, height 25″ to the chop.  Age about 40-45 years.  Great buttress, great taper and trunk movement.  Shoots are pushing now.  Either flat-top or traditional informal upright style will work.

Ships in September at the earliest.  This tree is eligible for our reserve service.  See Terms & Shipping for complete details.

Price: $475

Item # Cypress25pre

Click here to pay a $120 deposit to hold the tree:












































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  1. Sandra

    Hi Zack,

    I am interested to get a bald cypress. Is there any new update / photos of the trees? Are the stock info on your website still accurate?
    Thank you in advance for the information.
    Have a nice day.


  2. Andrew Edgington

    Hey, Zach. Are you done collecting for the season, and do you have anymore bald cypress that you’ll be putting up this year? I’m looking for something with great surface roots, but almost all of the really nice cypress you have up are sold.


    • Zach Smith Post author

      No, Charles, I won’t have more till next spring. I can put your name on my “BC wish list” if you like, and will contact you when new material becomes available.

  3. tim

    Hi Zach. I’m in need of some small BC material to finish a forest planting. I need 3 trees around an inch or so in thickness (varying of course). If u could keep an eye out for some on your next collecting trip I’d really appreciate it. Thank you.

  4. Elizabeth Dickinson Jackson

    I’d just love to know when you aquire new stock. Definately interested in a bald cypress owning me.
    Thank you so much.


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