Parsleyhaw1-16-16-1From the beginning of my bonsai journey almost three decades ago I’ve wanted a parsley hawthorn, Crataegus marshallii.  Though I’ve collected my fair share of hawthorns, I’ve never found a parsley haw.  Today that all changed.  I was out collecting with a friend, and he took me to a vacant lot where he had collected a very large specimen years earlier.  Though the leaves were off most of the trees, we did manage to find a few smaller seedlings that were still holding onto a few of their leaves.  Here’s a branch from one.



I ended up with a handful of trees including the one at left, which is destined for the literati style.  Considering this, I went ahead and put it into this nice Chuck Iker round.  The color should complement the fall foliage really well.  The trunk base is 1.5″ and I chopped it to 16″.  I plan to add another 6-8″ to the height.  I’m looking forward to working on this tree.  It should be budding sometime in March.











Here’s another one I couldn’t resist putting straight into a bonsai pot.  The trunk base on the larger tree is 1″ and it’s chopped at 14″.  I just got the pot from Byron Myrick last week.  This is going to be a really nice, graceful twin-trunk parsley hawthorn bonsai.

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