Back in January I posted a blog about this Live oak, Quercus virginiana. Chop, lift, pot. A nice Live oak bonsai in the making. A good client of mine thought it would make a nice tree to get some styling practice on, so it got a future home pretty quickly.


Today the tree looks like this. Plenty of new shoots ready for some wire.

The final design of this tree is up to the client, of course, but my plan would be to keep the silhouette of the crown in check so as to make the tree look taller.

We’ll see what he ends up doing with it.


I have some other oaks that are pushing strong growth now. Here’s a nice Water oak specimen (Quercus nigra). The shoots are still too tender to wire, but by May or thereabouts it’ll be time for an initial styling.


How about a nice shohin Willow oak, Quercus phellos?

It’s all of 7″ to the chop, but I didn’t get any budding in the top 2″ of the tree so it’s going to get even shorter. That branch a little ways down the trunk is ideal to chop to.

But that doesn’t need to be done now; the tree’s root system has to get established first.

This little guy should be fun to work on.